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Columbia Research Group opened its doors on January 4, 2010. The founding partners have a combined 70+ years experience in conducting clinical trials.  We are a small group, but over the years we have made many contacts and have access to Physician Specialities, RNs, LPNs, lab technicians and outside services.

● Vaccines
● Endocrine/Metabolic (Diabetes, Obesity)
● Cardiovascular (Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia)
● Arthritis (Gout, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
● Women’s Health (Contraception, Endometriosis)
● Pain (Neuropathy, Migraine Headache)
● Overactive Bladder
● Smoking Cessation
● Cardiovascular Endpoint Studies (Various)
● Device (Diabetic, Arthritis)